Tribute to Swami on the 4th Mahasamadhi day by Sis Prasanthi

Sai in bliss 1

Dear swami

Humble Pranams to your lotus feet ! It’s again that time of the year …which truly changed my life … Quite a turning point it was, yes! turning inward towards the SELF in me.

When I truly felt this experience where we were all kind of sleeping in a dorm type place and you were literally in a rush , like q warden wakes up students in hostel you were jolting me to wake up .. The other experience was like a statue of yours exploding and all the bits and pieces of it scattered everywhere and literally got into each of us Third one was while they were showing in big screens in our sai center , the mahasamadhi proceedings , on the other side they played in a projector your darshan video . Repeatedly they were focussing on your lotus feet ,walking over the golden colored sands of parthi ..I was literally avoiding the mahasamadhi visuals and was only experiencing the wonderful darshan you were blessing us feel. While they were lowering the cascade , here I was literally feeling your lotus feet stepping into my heart.

These 3 experiences I felt all the 3 days during April 24, 2011 through the day the rituals ended . All the exposure I had so far was ..just faith in swami that he is God that’s it … I hadn’t read any sai literature nor had opportunities to be part of balvikas or sai educational institutions sai center activities until then, my last physical darshan was in 1999 just before my marriage I had not even a vague idea of swami’s message nothing at all until 2011. But the experiences I had  during mahasamadhi , did something to me.

All of a sudden I started having inner urge to read swami literature , I would read anything and everything about swami ,hear radio sai always looking out for any miracles to happen ….to see him again in physical form. Soul relationships meant a lot to me at the point … Had no idea where these tears were coming from , at physical level I never had any intimate experiences with him … Why was I in so much pain was a mystery to me ??? But all the three experiences slowly started making sense The first one woke me up from ignorance, Second one told me we all have inherent divinity latent in us, Third one convinced me that dear lord is seated on the lotus feet of my heart.

I didn’t know what’s conscience or inner voice at that point or how we could connect to higher self within us But around June 2011 , I saw a post in FB asking for a volunteer to transcribe a souljourn video I had this  strong urge a push in me to respond to the post it was like some magic happening to me , felt like a puppet in hands of some unseen divine power . I was not spared until I took up that opportunity Souljourn videos started building up my faith in swami ,  especially in his powers like omnipresence , omnipotent and omniscient  unconditional love !how he transformed each of the interviewees lives So I kept transcribing videos and used to send feedback on each video to Ted Henry and Jody clearly who are the 2 wonderful souls that put together this souljourns for us.

My first interview that I transcribed was that of Sunder Iyer ,who attended swami for over a decade in Prashanti nilayam. For over a year I transcribed these videos and got to know so many enlightened souls and was gifted with abundant treasure of love in form of books. Finally in 2013 my  grandmother Rukmini Tanikella Garu who has been into swami’s fold since 1984 and was blessed to record her divine experiences in form of visions , inner voice and dreams in book in telugu called Adwaitha Amruthavarshini In that video through souljourns we made a humble request to translate this book into English And Singapore sai family volunteered right away with bhagawan’s  inspiration.

That’s how we got introduced by the divine master to this wonderful sai community in Singapore and was welcomed with lots of love and warmth to be part of sai baalasanskaar telugu team.

Thank You Swami.

Prasanthi- USA


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