Visit to Sundaram Sai Centre, Chennai

sundaram 1

On the blessed Easter day ie 5th April 2015, we were blessed to attend the evening bhajans at Sundaram Sai centre, Chennai. As we reached a bit late not knowing the directions well; we were seated outside on the sands. It reminded me of my childhood days at Parthi, when we used wait for the Divine darshan in the lovely sands.

The bhajans were soul stirring and beautifully rendered. It was a different experience watching Swami’s bhajan and easter message projected on a huge screen while being seated on the sands. As soon as the bhajan and aarti were over; volunteers queued up so quickly and efficiently to pass the vibhuti packets to all assembled. Discipline and devotion was visible throughout the session.

sundaram 2

Then we were allowed inside in a queue to take darshan of the mandir which is so peaceful and filled with divine vibrations. What touched me was the love of the volunteer at the shoe/slipper counter; who literally bent down to take my slippers to be placed on to the right shelves.

We had a blissful time at Sundaram and were glad that we received our Master’s blessings before proceeding down south for kumbabhishekams and other temple visits.

Thank You my dearest Lord.


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