16 April 2015

Three types can be recognised among those who seek to do good deeds and tread the path of self-realisation – those who are too frightened by troubles, losses, and difficulties to even begin the endeavour; they are of the third type. The next are those who, after having undertaken the journey and gone some distance, are depressed and defeated by obstacles and disappointments and give up in the middle; they are of the second type. Lastly, those who steadfastly adhere to the path with calmness and courage, whatever the nature of the travail or however hard the road; these are, of course, of the highest type. This steadfastness, faith and constancy, is the characteristic of the devotee. One may be deluded by attachment to this illusory world and attracted by temporal joy, but one must never barter away the means of achieving permanent and complete happiness. And carry on our spiritual duties with full devotion.
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