Chapter 14- 2nd Shirdi Sai Satcharita Parayan on 2nd April 2015


By the divine grace of Lord Sai, we were able to accomplish the 2nd Sai Satcharita Parayan at our place on 2nd April (following Thursday after Sri Ramanavami). It was a marathon parayan session starting exactly at 5.30 am with Sai suprabhatam, Kakkad aarti, abhishekam for Baba with Purusha suktam and the reading of the chapters commenced at 7.30 am. Thanks to the technology; we were able to sing the aarti along with the Shirdi temple darshan in the ipad. Afternoon at 12.30pm, madhyan aarti was performed and the final chapter was read at 6pm followed by Sai ashtotram (108 names of Sai), bhajans, Vishnu sahasranama and closed at 7.15pm with Dhoop aarti.


The house was filled with divine vibrations throughout the day. We were expecting about 18/20 people to come for reading and by the end of the day, people were just pouring in and we had about 50 people coming home that day. The highlight of this parayan was that many children (age 10-15) participated and were keen to read a chapter each. I realised that by the end of the day I got to read only the ‘Phalashruti’; but was very happy that many were able to read a chapter or 2. Each and every one was filled with love and devotion for Baba. The food, fruits, Prasad were overflowing. It was a great experience for all present.


Just a week before I was wondering as to how all this will come to pass and when I surrendered to Him; He took charge. I have shared it in

The day starting from Sri Rama Navami on the 28th March till 2nd April showed His presence throughout; not forgetting having the opportunity to listen to the Knowledge session by Sri Sri Ravishankar on the 30th Mar, Monday eve in Singapore.

Thanking my dearest Lord from the bottom of my heart for all His grace and mercy.


Samarth Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj ki Jai


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