Sai leela- 11

It was 26th March, Thursday and as usual we had our morning ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’ satsang; somehow I was apprehensive about the 2nd ‘Sai satcharita Parayan’ to be held on 2nd April, the following Thursday as it was a full day event and I was traveling early next morning to India. I somehow told Baba to take everything in His hands; that it is His event and that He handle it.

Early morning on 28th March, Sri Rama Navami day I had a vision were some people were taking ‘paalkis’ and they were telling me to follow them saying that the day being Rama Navami; Baba’s paalki is being taken and I would miss it if I didn’t follow them. I got up with a start and realised that Baba had given me His blessings. That morning we had our monthly Rudrabhishekam at a Sai sister’s place which was beautiful and as I reached home, my dad had send me a mail saying that someone from had been to Shirdi just the day before and he had got Prasad and an yantra for dad. Dad immediately felt that it was for me and guess what the yantra was; ‘Sakala karya siddhi yantra’ (meaning success in work taken up).


I was really touched by my dear Sai’s love and next day saw me at the Shirdi temple in Singapore where I was able to sing His glory right at His feet. I have shared it in

Samartha Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj Ki Jai


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