Sri Sri in Singapore- 30 Mar 2015- Knowledge session take away

Jai guru dev

sri sri

It was a feeling of great happiness to see and hear the ‘Guru of joy’; Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Star Performance theatre; Singapore yesterday ie 30th Mar 2015. The blissful evening started with soulful rendering of bhajans by Bhanu didi and then the Master gave a short knowledge session on ‘Who am I and What is my source’? After this he led us through an amazing Meditation session followed by question answer session. The evening was overall a blessed one charged with Divine energy in the presence of an enlightened Master at an awesome venue.

Salient Points- Take away

  1. One should take out the time to know one’s source. Where have we come from and where will we finally go? We should have an enquiring mind and spend some time thinking about this.
  2. Science and spirituality go hand in hand. They have a subject/ object relationship. One cannot exist without the other. Scientific temper is necessary for Spiritual quest.
  3. We must not exit the world without knowing who we actually are. One must journey into the mystic realm.
  4. We must develop ’viveka’ (discrimination power) to know what is temporary and what is permanent. The body is temporary. We have been existing since ages in different forms and will continue to come to this earth in various other forms.
  5. It is a sign of intelligence to enquire ‘Who am I”. One must see life in a bigger context. The side effect of this enquiry is happiness, confidence and intuition. And who does not want these kind of side effects?
  6. Every event happening in our lives is an effect of our past. These are all cause and effect. The best way to handle the ups and downs in our lives is through acceptance. When we start accepting things which we cannot change, we will be more relaxed and peaceful and this is because of the realisation that what I am experiencing now is because of what I did in the past.
  7. Our bodies are subject to change. It changes from a child, to youth, to adult to old. Every day our body undergoes changes. But there is something in us which doesn’t change. This is that something which cannot be destroyed. When we meditate and observe our breath, something expands and contracts. This is that something.
  8. Life begins only when we enquire ‘Who am I’? Life is eternal.
  9. Body is not true. That which doesn’t change is the truth and that awareness can be got through meditation.


After this knowledge Guruji lead us through a wonderful meditation session. The question answer session soon followed and some of them were

Q.1 Where is God and when can I see Him face to face? This question was asked by a child.

A- Where is He not? See Him everywhere in everything and everyone around you.

Q.2 I have tried motivating the other person so much by various means but the person refuses to get motivated; what do we do?

A- There is no solution for this. Each one has to be self motivated.

Q.3 I have a special needs child. How can I each him meditation?

  1. The child is already in a state of bliss. He is an evolved soul and has come to teach you and not to learn from you. He has come to take your service. Know that and serve him.

(This was one of most profound answers)

Q.4 How come Jesus or Bible didn’t speak about rebirth and Karma?

  1. Bible was written after 70 years of Jesus passing on. Many versions were written then, many misinterpreted; so it cannot be said that Jesus didn’t speak about this. Many of the religious scriptures and prophets were misinterpreted and that’s what has caused so much chaos in the world. One should learn to have mutual respect to other religions being firm in faith to their own.
  2. 5 How can we bring all like family members etc to the path of spirituality?
  3. There is nothing like ‘all’ in spirituality. It is an individual path and each is on his/her journey. So each one should take care of their own spiritual growth.

Q 6 River cleaning project undertaken by AOL

  1. Many rivers have in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil nadu has been cleaned and the level of water has increased in these absolutely dry rivers. It is the commitment of volunteers that made it happen. Many more are underway. It is said that water will be the cause for the 3rd world war if it happens. So we must conserve and preserve water.

Q 7 Is there anything like ‘nazar’ (evil eye)? Will it affect us when we share good tidings with others.

  1. There is nothing like that. It is the nature of goodness to share. So share joy and happiness with all.

Q 8 How do I handle the trauma of my marriage break up and unable to meet my child?

  1. Practise meditation and esp learn and practice sudarshan kriya; that will you help to calm down.
  2. 9 Whatever happens in our lives; is it destiny or free will?
  3. It is part destiny and part free will. Guruji jocularly explained the difference between destiny and free will with the example of our height and weight. One can grow in height only till the age of 18 or 21, that is destiny but growing sideways ie horizontally (weight) is free will. It is in our hands. Likewise action is in our hands (free will to act) but result is not in our hands.

Guruji then blessed all assembled and asked them to leave all their problems with him. Everything will be fine.

The blissful session came to a close with yet another soulful rendering of a Krishna bhajan.

Jai Gurudev


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