Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 6- An attitude of challenge

Satsang- 26 March 2015

Salient points

  1. This talk was given by Swami at Kannan high school in Chitthoor in 1958 during the farewell for outgoing students. Swami acknowledged the gratitude shown by the students to their teachers during their farewell speech. He urged that students should not forget the values taught to them. These young heroes should take up the difficult task of building up the nation. Everything should be done to attain peace or shanthi in the country as there is so much turmoil inside and outside the country.
  2. Students should learn the secret of Shaanti. Present system of education focusses on generating bread winners but does not teach the secret of a happy life. For that one must learn to discriminate between the right and the wrong; real and unreal.
  3. The cultivation of viveka (discrimination) is the main aim of education; promotion of virtuous habits, strengthening of dharma should be attended to.
  4. First one must realise that they are the immortal athma; pure, holy and divine. That will give unshakeable courage and strength. We must develop love and mutual respect and have tolerance for different kinds of people. The relationship between the teacher and pupil should be of love and respect rather than fear. University degree will be more valuable when one follows values; be good, honest and well behaved.
  5. In case of failure in exams, do not get depressed; instead look into what went wrong and learn from the experience and do well the next time.
  6. Students should spend time in learning and understanding how to succeed in life and how to live life without causing pain to others or suffering pain themselves. Students should not waste their life entering politics where they are used and made scape goats for the benefit of some selfish politicians.
  7. Devotion and activity should go hand in hand. People should come forward to help for good causes like health and education. And the recipients should be grateful to the donors who have done for such noble causes in a spirit of worship and humanity.
  8. India is blessed with so many sages and saints. This is because India is a mine of spiritual wisdom and treasure like the Gita, vedas, Upanishads etc. This has to be distributed pure and unsullied, guaranteed in value and quality, to the eager aspirants everywhere. We need to take care of this culture and heritage properly.
  9. People attach too much importance to the material world. Pain and grief increases with attachment. If we look upon the nature and all created objects with the insight derived with inner vision, then attachment will slide away, though effort will remain we will see everything much clearer with a glow suffused with divinity and splendour. Develop attachment to Lord which will open our inner eyes.
  10. Lord can be seen everywhere if we have love in us. He is the immanent power in everything.
  11. Sanskrit has been neglected in India whereas the Western countries research and benefit from it. It is the most ancient language in which all our sacred texts have been written. We must revive this language.
  12. Mere learning is not enough. Practising is more important. Sadhana or spiritual practise is a must for all. Just as the body is looked after by regular food and exercise; athma should be looked after by Japa and Dhyana, cultivation of virtues, sathsanga, sath pravarthana and sat chinthana. (Meditation, chanting , company of good, good attitude, sacred thoughts)
  13. Students should honour physical labour. They must be ready to help and serve the elders and those in need. They must not just wander about meaninglessly and mix with undesirable people and cultivate bad habits.
  14. Students should be responsible citizens of the future and have to raise the country to greater heights through love and harmony. Only through good virtues the country can prosper not otherwise.
  15. Swami then blessed the teachers, students and donors for the school to rise to greater heights.



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