Pointers to Spiritual Growth-10-16

Spiritual person believes in Karmic theory. The spiritually aligned knows that the sole purpose of soul is Karmic fulfilment. It is His immaculate design of accounting for karmic debts/deposits which is behind human comprehension by human intelligence. Spiritual maturity lies in gracefully accepting the consequences of our choice.

Driven by envy, people generally find it difficult to assimilate other’s success. The spiritually aligned rejoices in other’s success.

Spiritually aligned listens to the voice of the conscience. Introspection awakens his inner voice. Our inner voice that comes from the bottom of our heart always suggests what is good for us as well as others. Mahatria says: “You give life to your inner voice; your inner voice will give life to you.”

In accordance with the spiritual law he focuses on actions and not on fruits of the action. If fame and honour comes his way for any of his accomplishments, what grows within him is humility, rather than self pride.

A spiritual person cherishes his relationship of marriage as sacred- growing from lust, to love, to compassion, to one of spiritual intimacy. The relationship gains spiritual dimension when it is nurtured by guiding principles of respect for each other’s space, individual likes, dislikes and priorities.

A spiritual person knows that the children are not born from us, but born through us. They come with their own suitcase of prarabda over which we have no control. Children are handed over to us in trust for safe custody and moulding. Parenting comes with responsibilities and for a spiritual person one of those is to raise his kids the right way imbibed with spiritual impetus. He will be the character architect for his offspring.

Spiritual person realizes we are mortals, life is not ephemeral. Death can claim us at any time. Death comes to all who are born. So we don’t need to pull long face when death comes, it is no reason for wailing and screaming Death is the order of nature, when your time comes, die with dignity, with a smile on your face welcoming the certain death whenever it comes. When it comes, roar at death why are you late. It is a sign of maturity and acceptance of the inevitable of the spiritual kind.

The way to gain the world is to escalate to higher realms. Take the final plunge to the spiritual realm and nothing will hold you back. Thus become successful, happy, and grow to your divine potential. Spiritual growth is simply about saying heartfelt ‘yes’ to all of life; to more positive emotions, to more engagement, to more meaning and purpose, to more caring relationships. Spirituality gives us a certain perspective that helps shift the focus more towards mental peace. Once an individual evolves to higher consciousness level, the multiplier effect will take place.

Infinithoughts- Feb 2015; Pointers to Spiritual growth- Mohandas Prabhu


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