Pointers to Spiritual Growth- 5-9

When most people think of God during bad times, as a matter of conviction a spiritual person prays ‘feeling thy grace’ during good times when things are going right, He learns lessons from calamities and remains positive and happy even when the odds are difficult. For him every challenge becomes an opportunity to grow by building the inner reserve. Uncertainties of life just don’t trouble a spiritual person. He will be constantly in peace irrespective of what the world offers.

For the spiritually aligned faith is greater than reason. faith is an inner conviction and prayers premised on faith. He finds no fault with the scripture and epics; knowing that they are not supposed to make sense, they are supposed to make faith. One without faith does not have the advantage of a strong mooring. Reposing faith in scriptures the spiritual person imbibes the principles like honesty, integrity, karma, dharma, the dos and donts.

The proof of true spiritual evolution is in the manifestation of character. The spiritually aligned practises honesty in all transactions. Avoids malpractices in money matters. With tremendous amount of discipline, he travels the path of truth, avoiding negative emotions and embracing the positive. When virtues are our nature the mind becomes tranquil. Happiness and peace is only attained by spiritual tranquillity.

The one principle in the core of spirituality is Ahimsa or non violence, not to hurt any life, human or otherwise. It is man’s duty to take care of all creations (his younger brothers and sisters) protect them, and to give them service of love.

The spiritually advanced knows life is too short and impermanent. So he does willingly part with his possessions without tendency to clinging on to them. To have is to give. He enjoys giving. Abundance is not affluence. Abundance is holistic state.

Infinithoughts-Pointers to Spiritual Growth- Mohandas Prabhu- Feb 2015 issue


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