26 March 2015

A matchstick produces fire. Where is the fire? Is it in the matchstick or the matchbox? Fire is latent in both and it is ignited when the stick and box come in contact. Similarly effulgence latent in the heart and the mind emerges as Divinity when the heart and the mind act in unison. Just as the same fire is latent in the matchbox and matchstick, the effulgence encased in the mind and the heart is the same. If the matchstick is dipped in water, no fire emanates from it, as the matchstick loses its capacity to aflame. Similarly, the human mind sunken in materialistic desires, loses its capacity to radiate the Divine Atmic splendour. When the matchstick is dried in the sun, it regains its original capacity. Similarly, the human mind steeped in sensual pleasures, regains its original potency and radiates divine effulgence when it is dried in the sun of detachment (Vairagya)


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