Sri Rudram- Anuvaka 6- Mantras 6-10- Meaning

Mantra  6

नमो याम्याय च क्षेम्याय च ।


याम्याय च-  To one present in Yamaloka,  क्षेम्याय च- to Easwara present in Swargaloka,   नमः-  prostration.


Alternatively ‘यमः’ has been interpreted as the time of death and ‘क्षेमः’ as protection, moksha and secret place; this leads to the interpretation of Parameswara as one who appears at the last moment of life, protector, bestower of moksha and one whose abode is secret.



Mantra  7

नम उर्वर्याय च खल्याय च ।


उर्वर्याय च-   To one who stays in a place full of all foodgrains,   खल्याय च-  to Parameswara who is in the threshing floor,  नमः-  prostration.


Mantra  8

नमः श्लोक्याय चावसान्याय च ।


श्लोक्याय च-   To one who is extolled through Vedic mantras (in Karma kanda),   अवसान्याय च-   to Easwara, established by Upanishads occuring at the end of Vedas,   नमः-  prostration.



The above terms can also mean one who is extolled by all verses and who exists when everything comes to an end.



Mantra  9

नमो वन्याय च कक्ष्याय च ।



वन्याय च-   To one in the form of tree etc. in the forest,  कक्ष्याय च-   to Easwara in the form of plant, creeper etc. in bushes,  नमः-  prostration.


Mantra  10

नमः श्रवाय च प्रतिश्रवाय च ।



श्रवाय च-   To one in the form of sound,   प्रतिश्रवाय च-  to Easwara in the form of echo,  नमः- prostration.



Alternatively, the meaning can be one who is famous in all places and who is in the form of answer.



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