4th Tapovanam Parayan- 18 March 2015


With the divine grace of Lord Sai, this totally unplanned Tapovanam session was blissfully conducted at Sis Malini’s place on the 18th March. When she just informed me a week before that she would like to have  a session, I was not very sure as it is a full day procedure and we had one just on the 9th March. Too close a date, not sure of attendance, still I just told Sis Malini that if Swami willed, it would take place. Within a day or 2, I got the indication for the date as 18th and asked Sis to see if that was possible and to inform newer people to attend the session so that it can be spread to many number of devotees rather than just the core group. By the 16th, Sis informed that there would be enough people, but she was a bit apprehensive as she was having it for the very first time at her place. It was because of her love, sincerity and devotion to Swami that the session went off well at her place on the 18th March. She shares her thoughts below.

In Sis Malini’s words;

malini 2

Tapovana parayanam was a wonderful bliss for me.it all clicked on last mon 9th march I attended the parayanam in one sisters house. beautiful. suddenly my mind was urging why cant I do it in my house. i enquired about it to keep but they said all dates are booked and if u r really feeling Swami will give a chance. next day I received a call and accepted for this parayanam it was fixed on 18th no 9.swamis number. i was happy and preparing for it, in side my mind who all will come and analysis of human mind .on 17th night I received a message that the organising person cannot come due to some reasons. i felt very upset and feeling to keep the parayanam or not. then the organiser consoled me .I was under the feeling who is going to come. but I felt whoever comes or not SWAMI has to come. then I confirmed mind I started my preparation .on the D day we started the parayanam at 7.00.sister had come to start. slowly people arrived and at the end there were 6 people for chanting .beautiful HIS leelas are. one sister came at 8.00am. and to my surprise she brought vibhuti and photos from parthi. what else we need the assurance from HIM. WE ALWAYS THINK OF HUMAN PRESENCE BUT WHEN divine COMES all will follow him. I thank SWAMI and the organisers for the bliss.

malini 1

Also I would just like to add to the above that, since Sis Malini yearned for having the parayan at her place and the thought coming at Sis Vasanti’s place; who mentioned in her post that Swami had come in the form of a sister from Mumbai (https://premaarpan.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/3rd-tapovanam-parayan-09-march-2015/) and it was this sister Malini 🙂 So Swami made Sis Vasanti an instrument also to start the initial prayer session before the commencement of the session at Sis Malini’s place. HE IS THE MASTER PLANNER. We only realise much later how HIS unseen hands work; when we start connecting the dots.

O my dear Lord!!!!!Indescribable are Your leelas.

May You shower Your grace on all and help us in this journey of Tapovanam parayan and our lives as well






3 thoughts on “4th Tapovanam Parayan- 18 March 2015

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  3. Sairam!
    I am Swami’s devotee too. While looking for online resources for the book, I came across your blog. Truly inspiring to know that you are aiming for the 100th birthday of Swami and offering 100 parayans. May Swami bless you all.
    I have read Tapovanam more than once, although I do not remember the count. But, everytime i read, i always find something new!

    I am also a beginner blogger – please follow me.

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