Mahabharata- Inner battle for peace- Day 2

Mahabharata 218th March 2015

Day 2 Take away

Artha and Kama

  1. Mahabharata is not merely a story, it is a mirror which shows the inner war of our positive and negative attitude.
  2. Man is bestowed with body, mind and an intellect with which we can discriminate between the good and bad and the right and wrong. In most of us the mind can be compared to Dhritharashtra who is blind and wedded to the intellect and if the intellect is like Gandhari, it just follows the blind mind and we are filled with negativity.
  3. Only knowledge, wisdom and discrimination can remove attachment, the blindness and the negative tendencies in us.
  4. Negativity is usually more than positivity in us just like the number of Kauravas are more than that of Pandavas.
  5. For a progeny to be good, they must be brought up in such kind of atmosphere. Prahalada was the son of hiranyakashapu; the wicked rakshasa who was full of greed and pride, but Prahalada was totally opposite the nature of his father. This was because he was taken away to the safety and brought up in the positive atmosphere of a Rishi’s ashram by Sage Narada. So Prahalada grew up to be a noble person quite contrary to the nature of his father. Similarly as the progeny is taken care and mothered well guiding it properly, our mind also should be mothered by right intellect to remove the negativity in us. Positivity though silent is a threat to negativity, just like prahalada was to hiranyakashapu.
  6. Emphasis on Artha and Kama- Wealth and desire – The root cause of most of the problems is wealth and desire. In the beginning of Mahabharata itself Devavrata the first son and the rightful heir to the throne of Shantanu had to take a terrible oath of not getting married and giving up the kingdom becoming ‘Bhishma’ (meaning one who takes a terrible vow and fulfils it); to satisfy the desire of his father getting married to the fisherman chieftain’s daughter satyavati who in turn kept the demand of having the throne to his grandchildren borne by Satyavati and shantanu. Wealth and desire were the cause for this unjust demand.
  7. Another example of Drona and Drupada who were best friends in the gurukula when young, had enmity in later life when Drona was in need of help and expected Drupada to give some share of his kingdom instead of which Drona was humiliated and asked to take some alms as an offering to a Brahmin. Drona wanted to avenge this insult and used his favourite student Arjuna to defeat Drupada and snatch his kingdom. But Drona was still noble and offered half the kingdom back to Drupada. Being a Kshatriya Drupada did not forget the insult of his defeat at the hands of Drona and performed yagna to obtain a valorous son. Instead he was blessed with a virtuous daughter Draupadi and a valiant son Dhristadhyumna who later killed Drona in the war. Here again the fight was for the wealth and of course we know one of the reasons for the war was also Draupadi. So both Artha and Kama were involved.
  8. Karna was yet another example where the ambition of becoming the King of Anga made him indebted to the friendship of Duryodhana who used Karna only to fight against Arjuna since he knew that only Karna was a match to Arjuna.
  9. Duryodhana couldn’t bear to see that the barren Khandava prastha given to the Pandavas was made by the dedication and hard work of the pandavas into the most prosperous city of Indraprastha. He was full of jealousy, hatred and anger towards the Pandavas. Power, position and wealth was the cause of the war of Mahabharata.

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