Bhaja Govindam- Verse 6- Meaning and thoughts

Verse 6:

Yavatpavano Nivasati Dehe

Tavatprcchati Kusalam Gehe

Gatavati Vayau Dehapaye

Bharya Bibhyati Tasminkaye.



As long as there dwells breath (life) in the body, so long they enquire of your welfare at home. Once the breath (life) leaves, the body decays, even the wife fears that very same body.




  • We are “aware” of the body, so how can we be that which we are aware of?
  • We have a body NOT we are the body.  Having a body is like having a pair of glasses for our eyes. Learn to be detached from the body. It has no value without us, the life principle.
  • The moment life is disconnected from this body, who wants to come near this body?  Our friends and family may value our bodies now but when we die, the very same people who love us in the form of our bodies, turn away from our bodies. They are even scared! From “being”, we become “it”. Often they say to our bodies, “Take it away!”
  • If we are not the body, how do we live “in” the body?  To sweat and toil, to fight and procure, to feed and breed, to clothe and shelter the body – are all in themselves necessary, but to spend a whole lifetime in these alone is a criminal waste of human abilities. Use the body as a tool to evolve. Do what is needed and avoid what is excess.

Thoughts shared from the learning of my Master

Each and every human being irrespective of any caste, creed or color is the ‘Atma’  and not the body. Atma does not die. The body decays and is declared dead when the ‘Atma’ leaves it. Anything which is changeable is not real. Anything which remains permanent is the truth. The Atma is only permanent and eternal. Once we know this, what should we do to nurture our soul? Body for sure is needed as a vehicle to live a worldly as well as spiritual life, but undue importance to body and its related things should not be given much. Most of our lives are spent in tending to the body, the possessions, the relationships etc ignoring that which is permanent and the real truth which is our Soul.

Soul can be nurtured through spiritual practises and serving others seeing Lord in everyone.



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