12 March 2015

The Gita advises everyone to adopt ‘inoffensive speech, which is truthful, pleasant and beneficial.’ During the practice of the Sadhana of truth, at times, it may become necessary to reveal an unpleasant truth. At those moments, one must soften and sweeten its impact by consciously charging it with love, sympathy, and understanding. Help ever hurt never – that is the maxim. One must revere truth as our very breath. The only obstruction to practicing truth anyone will face, is selfishness. Once we give up selfishness we can adhere to truth and selfless love, let our heart be attuned to truth and the mind saturated with love. The triple purity – speech free from the pollution of falsehood, mind free from the taint of passionate desire or hatred, and the body free from the poison of violence are the ideals to live by. We can start off by practising one value at a time. We need not follow everything and not able to live by it. Once we embark on adhering to one value others will soon follow. Good moral values always keeps one in good stead. Let us take that one step towards our spiritual progress.
Story of the week based on the above message

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