Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 4- Divine Life

Satsang on 5th March 2015


Salient points

  1. The mission for which every individual has come is to merge the individuality with the Universal. The life is saturated with Sath- (Supreme Reality), Chit- Consciousness, Ananda- Bliss- Brahman itself.
  2. For the Divine life to start one must be aware that we are sat chit ananda. Divine inspires and activates that leads and fulfils the life of each being; right from the simplest to the most complex.
  3. Divine life is the breath of all beings consisting of Sathya, Prema and Ahimsa. How can one be untrue to anyone when all are one; no one is loved more than self, so when all are the same self all are loved and how to injure anyone when we are all one.
  4. One should realise unity in multiplicity. We have to churn the milk if we wish to separate the butter immanent in it. Similarly certain processes of thought and action has to get to the hard core of faith that the world is a mixture of real and unreal. The world is a mithya-false. People dedicated to divine life must be an example.
  5. Only when we wipe out the root causes of anxiety, fear and ignorance our true personality can shine. Anxiety is removed by faith. Faith tells us that whatever happens, happens for the best and Lord’s will be done. Quiet acceptance is the best armour.
  6. Sorrow springs from egoism. We feel that we don’t deserve this and feel helpless. When egoism goes sorrow disappears. Ignorance is a mistaken identity of body as self.
  7. We should try to be egoless and should pray Lord to use us as His flute. This is so that the lord pick us up, place in His lips and breathe through us and out of hollowness of our heart which is free from ego. He will then create a captivating music for all the creation to enjoy. Merge your will in the will of God.
  8. Inhale only the breath of God. We are the Atma; not the body, mind or intellect. Once we know this; let us not slip. Let us make this our permanent possession.




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