3rd Tapovanam Parayan 09 March 2015


On the bright Monday morning of 9th March 2015; with the Divine grace of our Lord Sai the 3rd session of the Tapovanam Parayan was conducted in Singapore. The first was held on 6th Nov 2014. https://premaarpan.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/tapovanam-akhand-paat-on-6th-nov-14/

The second was on 5th Feb 2015 which was shared in the below



As mentioned in the previous posts we were planning to have only 4 times this year ie in 2015; but Swami had different plans. HE willed that many more of His bhaktas get the opportunity of hosting this blissful parayan. Hence we are intending to complete as many sessions as possible before the 90th birthday of our beloved Master. May He bless us in this sankalpa.

Yesterday ie 9th March session was at Sis Vasanti’s house and the session went off well leaving all of us drenched in pure bliss.

Sis Vasanti describes her experience regarding the session

With humble pranams to Swami, we would like to share about the 3rd Tapovanam Parayanam held at our place on 9th March 2015.

With Swami’s infinite grace and blessings, from the day we started to prepare for the auspicious day we could clearly experience Swami’s guidance in every step.

I would like to share an incident for all of us to understand that Swami hears our prayers and answers them. Monday 9th March was the parayanam and on the 7th March one of the sisters called me to say that one of her friend from Mumbai is here and she would like to join the parayanam, it was a pleasant surprise for me because before placing the invite message for the group, I had mentally prayed “Swami please accept the invite and do come in any form on that day”, so for me presence of sister from Mumbai on the last moment is a blessing from swami. It is our beloved swami who does everything and we are only instruments in carrying out the task.

All Sai sisters participated with utmost love for swami and made this parayanam a blissful one which we could feel and experience with when chanting of “Loka Samastha Sukino Bavanthu” 21 times, followed by aarthi to Swami. Sudden shower of rain for 10 minutes when aarthi was given to Swami made us all feel that our beloved Swami had blessed of all lives on earth.


Jai Sai Ram


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