5 March 2015

No person or wickedness in this planet is incorrigible. Wasn’t Angulimala, the robber, turned into a kindhearted person by Lord Buddha? Wasn’t thief Ratnakara transformed to Sage Valmiki? By conscious effort, habits can be changed and character refined. We always have within us, within our reach, the capacity to challenge our evil propensities and to change our evil habits. By selfless service, renunciation, devotion, prayer, and regulation of conduct, the old habits can be discarded and new habits developed will take us to the right path in life. The purpose of all spiritual literature, poems, epics and books is to discuss the nature of mind, its ways and vagaries, and to inform about the process of reshaping it. Mere reading of a book will not vouchsafe discrimination. That which is seen, heard, or read must be put into practice in actual life


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