Sri Rudram- Meanings- Anuvaka 5- Mantras 6-10

Mantra  6

नमो गिरिशाय च शिपिविष्टाय च ।


गिरिशाय-   To Parameswara, living in Kailasa mountain,   नमः-   prostration.    शिपिविष्टाय-  (as per the Vedic passage ‘विष्णुः शिपिविष्टः’) Prostration to Parameswara in the form of Vishnu.

Mantra  7

नमो मीढुष्टमाय चेषुमते च ।


मीढुष्टमाय च-   To Parameswara in the form of Hiranyagarbha, the creator of universe, or, in the form of clouds showering heavy rains,      नमः-   prostration.   इषुमते च- Prostration to him who has excellent arrows.


The terms ‘Girisa’, ‘Sipivishta’ and ‘Meedhushtama’ denote that Parameswara is in the form of the Trinity- Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma respectively.

Mantra  8

नमो ह्रस्वाय च वामनाय च ।


ह्रस्वाय च-  To Parameswara in small form,   नमः-  prostration.   वामनाय च- Prostration to one with small limbs.


‘Hrasva’ signifies ‘Daharopasyamurthi’ (Form to be worshipped in the heart-space); ‘Vamana’ refers to the form of Mahaganapathi.

Mantra  9

नमो बृहते च वर्षीयसे च ।


बृहते च-   To Parameswara of large form,     नमः-  prostration.   वर्षीयसे च- Prostration to one with noble qualities.


‘बृहत्’ has also been interpreted as one in the form of Parabrahman, who is present at all times and in all places.

Mantra  10

नमो वृद्धाय च संवृध्वने च ।


वृद्धाय च-    To the aged one,  संवृध्वने च-  to Parameswara, adored by unique songs of praise and prostrations,  नमः- prostration.


‘वृद्धः’ means that he is very old, as he is worshipped by all others and he does not worship anyone else. It does not mean that many years have passed since his birth. ‘संवृध्वा’ means that he grows, being worshipped with unique songs of praise, not applicable to other Devatas. It is also interpreted as one who bestows the desired objects on his devotees and grows them.


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