Bhaja Govindam- Verse 5

Verse 5:


Stavannijaparivaro Raktah

Pascajjivati Jarjaradehe

Vartam Kopi Na Prcchati Gehe



As long as there is the ability to earn and save so long are all your dependents attached to you.   Later on, when you come to live with an old, infirm body, no one at home cares to speak even a word with you!




  • Are we prepared to grow old?  When we get older, a day to a younger person may seem like a week to us at that age. Each moment passes by so slowly and this can be very depressing for us if we are not prepared for it. We should know what to do when we’re alone.
  • Expecting will only increase our sorrow.  At that age and even now, if we are not equipped to “drop” expectation, we will be drowning in sorrow. We need to learn how to let go of the fact that people in our lives will not do everything we expect them to do. Once we are able to drop that, it is the greatest freedom because we give ourselves that power to be happy without receiving anything from anyone.
  • As we grow older, people may drop us if they see no use for us anymore.   When we grow older, we are likened to the condition of hair. When it’s on our head, we clean it, oil it and color it but once we’re bald, we don’t do anything with the hair because it is of no use.
  • Be fine without people.  As we grow older, if we can learn to be detached from various things and be fine without people around us, then we would be able to manage ourselves well.
  • The main occupation in our lives should be the art of self-purification.  If we make this our constant goal, we can reject the world even before the world rejects us.

Thoughts as learned from my Master

We often get so entangled and engrossed in the material world that we hardly spare time for our spiritual development or the need to know our true self. We get so attached to the people and other things of the world hence it becomes difficult for us to let go of these when we get old. If one has more acceptance than expectation he will be happier. Practise of the spiritual disciplines from young is necessary for it to of be use or remembered during our old age. When we start meditating or being at peace with ourselves we will not need external things to make us happy. There is a beautiful story depicted in the video below which is very true for most of us.


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