Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1, Chapter 2- Sharanagathi

Satsang 2- 19/2/2015

Salient points

  1. Lord is a mountain of Love and can be attained by Bhakti (devotion)
  2. Total surrender is the highest form of Bhakti.
  3. When devotion is just emerging; as a sapling a fence is needed to protect the tender plant, the fence of sanathana dharma is needed to protect the devotion. Sanathana dharma is the eternal religion with its rules, regulations, commands etc.
  4. A fruit when it is green will not fall even if the gale is furious, but when it is fully ripe it drops to the ground even in the silence of the night.
  5. A ‘Haridasa’ (a mendicant) has a pair of cymbals in his one hand which represents the 2 aspects of life; namely good/bad, joy/grief, pain/pleasure and he holds in his other hand the tambura (stringed instrument) which represents the samsara or the world. The cymbals provide the ‘taala’ (beat) and the cymbals provide the ‘shruti’ (tune/pitch). As both of these are required to enhance the effect of glory of God sung from the mouth; the experiences of the world will one day surely lead us to understand the glory of the Lord.
  6. There are 3 types of devotion namely- Vihanga- It is like the bird swooping a ripe fruit; in which the devotee is impatient and loses the fruit obtained. Next is Markata- which is like a monkey; jumping from one fruit to another; not knowing what one actually wants and what is the actual goal; and the final is Pipeelika which is like an ant moving towards sweetness, a devotee moves towards the Lord and attains His grace.
  7. Bhakti (devotion) and Shraddha (faith) are 2 oars required to the cross this samsara.
  8. Experience is needed for one to realise that this world is unreal. Just like a fire is taken to be only as a light till one touches and experiences the heat from it; one realises that it has both heat and light. Similarly through experience man can realise that the world is real as well as unreal
  9. Habit of judging others as theist and atheist. One should not be judgemental about others.

  1. The highest type of detachment is renunciation. Devotion and surrender will give great courage to face difficulties; such courage is renunciation. The story of Mohajith is an example of this type of renunciation.

Such courage can come only by the grace of the Lord and cleansing of mind and cultivation of virtue.

  1. No devotee is superior or inferior. All are recipient of the grace of the Lord but the qualities needed for that are discrimination and renunciation.
  2. Swami says, “bring all sorrows, grief, worries and anxieties to Me and take joy, peace, courage and confidence”. In this Avathar, wicked will not be destroyed, they will be transformed and led back to the path from which they have strayed. This Avathar will complete its mission only from its place of birth and has come only for the sake of Bhaktas, sadhus and sadhakas. It will not pray or worship; for it is the Highest. It will teach the devotees to pray and worship.
  3. To a worldly man God intoxicated person will appear mad and vice versa. Out of the 2 intoxications, God intoxication is least harmful and most beneficial. Only harmony, peace, love and brotherliness have come out of God mad person.

Discourse by Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Prashanti Nilayam- Mahashivratri- 1955


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