Judging one as theist or atheist

There was once a queen who was a great devotee of Râma; she felt so sad that her husband, the Raja, never even uttered the name of Râma and had no bhakti. She had vowed that the first occasion, on which she got evidence of his bhakti or at least respect for Râma Nâma, she would conduct puja in all the temples and feed the poor on a lavish scale. Then, one night, while fast asleep, the Raja uttered the name of Râma thrice plaintively and prayerfully. She heard the namasmarana and was happy at the discovery of her husband’s devotion to Râma; she ordered general rejoicing throughout the kingdom and the feeding of the poor. The Raja did not know the reason for the celebration for he was only told that it was an order of the Rani, which the officers carried out. Similarly, a husband may not be aware of the excellence of a wife’s spiritual attainments.


The Raja who spoke in his sleep the sacred name of Râma felt very sorry, that he let Râma Nâma out of his mouth, for he believed that no one should know of his ‘love’ for Râma. There are many who will not shout about their guru or their favorite nama and rûpa but, whether you declare them to others or not, keep them ever in your consciousness. Râma Nâma or any other name must be as constant as breathing. For this, practice is essential.


A person once told Dr. Johnson, the famous English thinker, that he could seldom get time to recite the name of God, with the hundreds of things he had to do from morning till nightfall and even far into the night. Dr. Johnson replied with another question. He asked how millions of people found space to live upon the face of the earth, which is two thirds water and the rest too full of mountains, deserts, forests, icy regions, river-beds, marshes and similar impossible areas. The questioner said that man somehow struggled to find living space. So too, said Dr. Johnson, man must somehow find a few minutes a day for prayer to the Lord.




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