Pointers to Spiritual Growth- 1

Spirituality is not something to be practiced when one retires from work or during evening of one’s lie. It is not preparation to lead a life of austerity or to renounce the world. Nor does it call for a change of lifestyle, wardrobe or location. Spirituality is comprehensive understanding of ethics, morality and religion (life essentials) by which our character, mind and value system are conditioned to abide on God- leading a life of self restraint, well being, happiness, richer relationships, serenity, tranquillity, purity, cosmic love, peace and sanity. Its the ability to see godly vision and be in a state of divine bliss. It radically and permanently alters our relationship with people, life and nature.

It is said God was not happy with His creations and so He created man out of His own image to express Himself fully. Existence that is ‘independent-conscious blissful’ therefore finds expression in man alone. Thus man is not just an animal in human body, but a ‘Spiritual being’ having human experience’. Man’s essential divinity (his spiritual-connect) made him grow from ‘Animal man’ to ‘Human’ and furtherance in spirituality can make him ascend to divine higher self, into the ‘Divine-man’; depicting full glory of the Divine. Being a human is an awesome responsibility. To be aligned to the spiritual laws of life is man’s responsibility. But man is in amnesia of his original roots and the truth that God has made him in a special way. The task of spirituality is to make man aware of his true nature in order that he expresses godliness in every facet of his life. Spirituality awakens the higher states of awakening and deeper states of being. Imperfect man trying to perfect himself is the exercise in spirituality.

Infinithoughts-Feb 2015- Mohandas Prabhu


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