Sathya Sai Speaks- Introduction

With the infinite grace of Lord Sai, we started the satsang on Sathya Sai Speaks on 12th Feb 2015. It is a guide for all the spiritual seekers in the path of self realisation. Bhagavan Baba has through His numerous discourses since 1958, imparted the same knowledge what Lord Krishna gave Arjuna. We are fortunate to have heard many of these from the Divinity Himself. It is time to contemplate and act on those teachings.

I am sharing some excerpts regarding what SS Speaks means; from the poem written by Prof N. Kasturi, who has transcribed and translated those discourses.

Every sentence spoken by Swami

Spreads joy and scorches gloom

Impelling attention, compelling assent

Dispelling dejection, repelling sloth

Attracting you nearer, detaching from bonds

Infusing courage, and fusing creeds,

Imposing no doctrine, composing all feuds

Informing, never harming, disarming!

Sifting the responding, lifting the desponding.

Stressing on ‘Doing, Behaving and Living”

Appealing for ‘Feeling, Believing and Acting’

As you hear Him talking, you quietly resolve

To take a step forward on the pilgrim road;

Unfold your wings and soar into the sky!

He reminds us all the roads we have missed.

He describes the joy of the journey’s end.

He opens our eyes; He strengthens or limbs;

He heartens the struggling, awakening the sleeping.

Proclaiming, revealing, announcing to all

Asserting His coming for our burden assuming

Redeeming the wayward, the downcast, diseased;

Underlying the Truth, undermining the false;

He teaches us to pray and attuning our soul to Dharma, Sathya, Prema!




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