A bird and a taxi driver- Learnings from today’s experiences- 10th Feb 2015


Today being Tuesday I went about my Seva at our Sai centre. As I was mopping the prayer hall, I just heard a thud, and as I turned to look at the direction from where the sound came, I saw a bird dropped almost like dead. It had no movement. I was taken aback for a moment; for there was nothing which could have hit the bird for it to fall down. It was outside the glass door, no fans ‘on’ etc. After a moment I just rushed to the spot where it lay and sprinkled some vibhuti on it. It was breathing feebly. I sprinkled some water when it just moved slightly and went back to its original condition. I just poured some water around it hoping it would sip some drops, which it did but again did not move. I was at a loss not knowing what to do. Having done what I could I continued my work; now and then glancing at the bird. It still seemed to be breathing with lot of difficulty. I kept praying Swami and then in a spur of the moment just rushed back to the bird and with a greater force sprinkled water on it, and then within a second it fluttered and flew away. OMG, was I relieved?? Thank You Swami.

Now, I began to wonder, why this happened and that too at the exact moment when I was cleaning and right in front of my eyes for no rhyme or reason. Swami made me help this little bird, maybe I owed some gratitude to the bird in some way. It was time for pay back. Maybe He taught me to see Him in that bird. May be there is a deeper significance that I have to get up from my slumber of sloth and He has reminded with the forceful sprinkling of water that sometimes hard hitting lessons have to be taught for one to get up. Whatever it is, I hope I learn a lesson from this and begin to transform myself.

Next incident happened around 12.30pm. The afternoon duty aunties came in with a person who I realised was the taxi driver who had got them to the centre. The person entered rather unsure of what he could expect in the prayer hall. The aunties were enthusiastically telling him about Swami. He looked around and commented that the place was so serene and simple. He had a look at the books and then commented that he would come back later for the books after he googled enough about Swami and then left. The aunties then shared with us as to why the person came in along with them? He is of Chinese origin and his mother was a staunch Buddhist. She prayed to Kuan Yin the Chinese God of Mercy. His mother had some leg problem for a very long time. This person had always seen his mother limp and walk. They had absolutely no idea about Sai Baba. Some years back, his mother had a dream where some person with afro hair and a white robe came to her and massaged her legs and said all would be well and disappeared. She had no idea about who this was and forgot about it. A week or so later when she was working in the kitchen, she slipped due to some oil on the floor and suddenly found herself on the floor with her legs stretched in a particular direction and as she tried to get up, she found that she could get up comfortably and even walk without any limp. This made her look out for the person in the dream. She soon found Him and visited the Sai centre often. The son had heard this from his mother but hadn’t shown any interest then. Hs mother had passed away sometime back. Today when he heard the aunties speaking about Swami on their ride in his taxi to the centre, he expressed his interest to see Sai baba’s temple.

Swami has always told one need not call out His name as Sai Baba. Prayers to any God reaches Him. The above incident clearly indicates that and also it was perhaps the right time for this person to have Swami’s darshan and know more about Him.

Thank You dearest Swami for showing Your mercy and make me learn everyday though You know that my progress is snail slow; You don’t give up on me.


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