2nd Tapovanam Parayan on 5th Feb 2015

With the Divine grace; on 5th Feb 2015, we had the 2nd session of the Tapovanam Parayan. The first was held on 6th Nov 2014. https://premaarpan.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/tapovanam-akhand-paat-on-6th-nov-14/

As per the intention put during the first session to have regular parayan sessions once in 3 months at different venues, Swami helped us perform the first of the series for 2015.

This session took place in Sis Meena’s house and she describes in her own words below as to how the session came out to be.

After offering my humble pranams at the Divine Lotus feet of our beloved Swami. I am sharing this divine experience with all of you which witnessed the fact that Swami is the doer, He plans and implements His Divine plans according to His divine will.

This session of Tapovanam was held at my place on 5th Feb, 2015, a Divine Thursday. The sankalpam of the session was “Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu.”

On the 4th Feb evening as I was setting the altar and arranging the puja room, I realised that I had forgotten to buy a garland for Swamy. I got the spontaneous thought of making a garland for the Lord with Tulsi leaves. In no time the lovely white robed picture of Swami was adorned with the Tulsi Mala.

tap 2

Betel leaves from my home garden along with the betel nuts, haldi kumkum packets and fruits were kept ready on a tray to be offered to Swami and then distributed to the Sisters attending the session the next day. I had randomly picked up the betel leaves from my garden and when I placed all these on the tray I realised that the number of items exactly tallied. i.e the betel leaves, fruits, haldi kumkum packets exactly counted to 18. Significance of 18 here is, there are 18 chapters in Tapovanam, 1+8=9, which is Swami’s number.

tap 1

On the next day I was expecting 12-14 Sisters to participate in the parayan according to their personal time conveniences. After the closing prayers and distribution of Tamboolam I realised that 18 ladies were given the prasadam.

tap 3

I thanked Swami profusely for the miracle and assurance that He willed it, planned it and implemented it.


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