Sri Rudram- Meanings- Anuvaka 4- Mantras 5-8

Mantra  5

नमो गणेभ्यो गणपतिभ्यश्च वो नमः


गणेभ्यः-   Being Pramathaganas (Bhutaganas accompanying Parameswara),    गणपतिभ्यश्च-   and protectors of those Ganas,   वः-  to you,     नमः-  prostration.

Mantra  6

नमो विरूपेभ्यो विश्वरूपेभ्यश्च वो नमः


विरूपेभ्यः-  Being Ganas with repulsive appearance,       विश्वरूपेभ्यः-     Ganas of different forms like elephant, horse etc.    वः-  to you,     नमः-  prostration.

Alternatively, ‘virupa:’ can mean the Formless and ‘visvarupa:’, having many forms imposed upon him.

Mantra  7    

नमो महद्भ्यः क्षुल्लकेभ्यश्च वो नमः-


महद्भ्यः-   Being great persons having Siddhis like Anima,   क्षुल्लकेभ्यश्च-   and persons with no such attributes,   वः-  to you,  नमः-  prostration.

Mantra  8

नमो रथिभ्योऽरथेभ्यश्च वो नमः-


रथिभ्यः-   Of the form of those sitting in the chariots,    अरथेभ्यः च-    and those with no chariots (and walking on foot),   वः-  to you, नमः-  prostration.


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