22 Jan 2015

The infant doesn’t know the taste of milk. But by taking it daily, it develops a deep attachment for it, such that when milk is to be given up and rice substituted, it starts to protest. But the mother doesn’t despair; she persuades the child to take small quantities of cooked rice daily, and slowly, the child starts liking rice and gives up milk. Milk though once its natural food, is replaced by rice through practice to such an extent that if rice is not available for a day, the child feels miserable. So too though sense pleasures are ‘natural’ at first, by means of practice and listening to the wise, slowly the joy derived from listening and recapitulating the glories of the Lord is grasped. Over time, the company of the worldly who chatter about the senses or sense-objects will no longer attract; the company that exults in the Love of Lord becomes sweeter and then one begins to genuinely experience the Divine.


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