Sai leela 10

The week starting 12 Jan to 18 Jan 2015 was significant as Sai showed His grace once again. The week started enthusiastically as Pongal was just 2 days away and I was busy getting the necessary items for the festival and drawing of rangoli etc.

On 14th Jan, the first day of Pongal which is called ‘Bogi’, I received a message in the premaarpan blog requesting me to post the 3 prayers of Vishnu Sahasranama, Surya Kavach and Sundarakanda in English asap. I was very busy that day, preparing the puja room for our next day puja and it was also our 3rd Thursday on the 15th, so I would be so busy the whole day on Thursday with preparing of Pongal Prasad, prayers both morning and evening. So I didn’t give much thought to the postings of these 3 prayers so soon. That day I had placed a marigold flower on Swami’s chair and was looking for the flower to drop indicating His blessings. Nothing happened till about 6pm. My friend came in about 4pm and got some freshly prepared dinner for us so I found some time that evening and immediately set off to post the 3 prayers after translating some and others which I found mostly in the net. Then I went to the puja room for doing the evening prayers and guess what? Exactly three petals (for the 3 postings :)) had exactly dropped from the flower on to the seat and the flower itself had dropped behind the cushion. This made me realise that He is most pleased when we take very opportunity to do His work.


On the 15th Jan, Thursday yet another beautiful day, amazing grace on the auspicious pongal day ( That day after the Narayan seva I found our lost home access card mysteriously on the table, which was lost 3 months on 18th Oct on the Rudrabhishekam day.

On 17th Jan, Saturday morning, one of my friends just landed up with her cousin who is a great Sai devotee, a doctor who was visiting her and he showed me Swami’s pictures at his place blessed with shower of vibhuti. He used to work in Swami’s hospital and he had received some vibhuti from Swami, which he graciously offered me to apply. He mentioned that he had been to Srirangapattinam in Mysore just the previous week from where he had got the vibhuti Prasad which he again gave me as prasdam. I was overwhelmed by Swami’s love and the vibhuti timing was so perfect as we were traveling to UK for my daughter’s studies the very next day and I consider it as His blessings for her.

And finally on the flight to London, I watched a Bengali movie in which in the first scene and closing scene Swami’s beautiful picture was shown.

So He is really Jantane Vantane Intante, everywhere with us and shows His presence. We have to only tune in.

Thank You dearest Lord.



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