Inner Significance of Pongal-A Season for Sadhana

This is the time to do spiritual processes and sadhana. This is the time to fast. This is the time to prepare for a new beginning. This is the time not to fight. Armies were stationed, fortresses closed, business and travel suspended. People ate good food, and sacrifices were done to the ancestors. In India, we say during this time, you can cross the Vaitarani River more effortlessly because it is at its lowest ebb. The Vaitarani is a symbolic barrier or crossing point between the embodied ones and the disembodied ones. This month is seen as the best time of the year to make a connection between the two.


Traditionally, at this time, people reduced their material activity and increased their spiritual activity. But these days, human beings are not working according to natural cycles but like machines, going on endlessly. It would be very good to notice the natural cycles and adapt to them, because one’s ability to do things is different at different times of the year and at different positions of the planet. Particularly when it comes to one’s inner journey, using these natural cycles can be immensely beneficial. Or, if one gives oneself to a spiritual process, one will become conscious of these dimensions as to how the universe and the human body are not really two separate things but two parts of the same system.

It is very important that we are in sync with nature. Otherwise, there is no way your life can really flourish to its fullest possibility. Whether it is a plant or a tree, if it is not in sync with nature, it cannot survive. In a way, this is also true for us – if the human system is not in sync with everything around, it may manage to survive, but it will not flourish. The winter solstices and equinoxes are times when the celestial bodies naturally influence human consciousness and human energy in a certain way.


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