The Pilgrim Path- Five stages to spiritual path- Dada J.P Vaswani


self realisation 1

Make God real in your life; practise His presence in your daily activities; make Him your friend, your partner, your mother or your father! You will be able to do this when you become aware of yourself as a spiritual being; not just limited by your physical form and material existence. This realisation will come to each one of us when we tread the spiritual path. There are five stages to the spiritual path

1. The first stage is that of a wanderer. It is the tendency of human mind to wander. Instead of man directing the activities of the mind and putting it to use under his control, it is the mind that controls man in most of the cases. Over half of our thoughts at any given time are not related to what we are doing at that moment. We are not at the present moment many times. Only when the thoughts, words and actions are integrated people are happy. we need to be in the present moment for that and this is not very easy.

2. The second stage is awareness. This is when we realise the futility of the wandering mind. One becomes a seeker or disciple looking for a direction which will take him/her to path of self realisation. Every one of us must pass through a period o loneliness, of isolation, before we enter into self-knowledge, awareness of the atman. In loneliness does the seeker get beyond his ego and  in this loneliness he realises, he is not alone. The Satguru, the True teacher, is in the heart already. He speaks to us from there-but while we are trapped in this illusory world of the senses, we cannot hear his small, sweet voice. That is why we need an external Guru whom we can see, understand even in our human form. For the truly blessed, this awareness can come very early in life. The seeker searches for a Guru or a divine guide who will show him the direction. He prays to God to send him enlightened man who will take him along and show him the path of spirituality. When he finds the guru, it is the beginning of the third stage.

3. In the third stage, the seeker is chosen by his devotion, his sincerity and service. Once the Guru finds all these qualities in him, he embraces the seeker and accepts him as his disciple.

4. The fourth stage is indeed special; during this stage the disciple becomes the child of the Guru. This stage comes when we have walked the way of obedience, when we have dome sufficient sadhana and cleansed our minds and hearts we become worthy to be called the children of the Guru.

5. The fifth stage is the stage of Self- realisation. Once we attain such a Guru, he becomes a special person who is ours in Spirit. Coming into contact with a realised soul, being guided by a spiritual preceptor and having access to his satsang- these are the greatest blessings of the life spiritual. The wisdom, knowledge and truth we learn at the Gurus feet cannot be imbibed from books, classrooms or libraries. the Guru provides the Divine spark that can light the falme of transformation within you.

Source- ‘The Pilgrim Path’- Infinithoughts- Oct 2014


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