08 Jan 2015

One dreads that it is very difficult, nay, impossible, to realise God. It is very simple; its very simplicity makes one feel that there must be some hidden trap. We do not appreciate simple things and habits. For example, there is nothing as simple as speaking the truth; yet how many stick to Truth! If we venture into untruth, we have to invent new stories all along the line and keep in memory all the stories and all the persons to whom we have related them. Each of us has a watch on our wrists. And, we look at it quite often. Well, there is a lot to learn from the watch. When we watch the watch, let’s remember the five letters of the word, WATCH; each is giving us a fine lesson for life: W tells us ‘Watch your Words’; A warns us ‘Watch your Action’; T indicates ‘Watch your Thoughts’; C advises ‘Watch your Character’; and H declares ‘Watch your Heart.’ Whenever we look at our watches let us imbibe the lesson imparted by the watch. Our heart and mind should be receptive to absorb and realise these simple lessons of life. Only in silence we can hear the message and contemplate on it and bring an awareness and change in ourselves. Sharing a simple story about the watch. http://saibalsanskaar.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/the-missing-watch/


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