Bhaja Govindam- Verse 4

Verse 4:



Viddhi Vyadhyabhimanagrastam

Lokam Sokahatam Ca Samastam



The water-drop playing on a lotus petal has an extremely uncertain existence;

so also is life ever unstable. Understand, the very world is consumed by disease and conceit, and is riddled with pangs.

  • Use this world to evolve. We keep hearing that the world is an illusion but what do we do while we are living here? We can’t exactly escape from our duties. Instead, we should use this world as a platform to evolve and go beyond it.
  • There is no time to waste. If life is as uncertain as a dewdrop on a lotus petal, then we never know when we’re going to go. There’s no point in merely “surviving”. It’s time to live.
  • Water may touch you but don’t get wet. The lotus is a very unique flower which is born in water and lives in water. Water touches it but yet it doesn’t get wet. In the same way, when we go out in to the world of activity, we can perform actions but we shouldn’t get attached to those very actions or the results of them.
  • Why are we stuck? Most of us are stuck with these three desires: 1) wealth and power 2) name and fame 3) pleasure and progeny.  Have we ever stopped to think about what life really is?

Thoughts as learned from my Master

One must question ourselves the purpose of our life. Is it merely to exist? Then what is the difference between other living creatures and ‘us’ the human being. It is said that ‘Manushya Janmam Durlabham’. One must be extremely fortunate to be born as a human as we have the power to discriminate, to attain God. Then why are we just going about the same mundane life not wanting to understand the real purpose of our life. The ultimate goal of every being is self realisation. To attain God. Once we are aware of this, we should start working towards that goal. We are given a limited period of time in this body; let us make best use of it. Use it wisely. The example of the lotus leaf is often quoted in our scriptures; the lotus leaf is in the water but totally unattached to it. We must continue doing our duty but without being attached to the result offering every action of ours to the Lord. One may feel it is easier said than done. Nothing in life is easy. It takes about a year or 2 for an infant to walk or talk. The infant falls and gets up many times through constant practise and efforts. It is similar in the spiritual path also. The time factor may vary from person to person depending on their commitment, determination and faith to achieve the goal. But with constant practise, determination and love for God, it is possible.


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