Sai leela-9 Tiruvadirai 2015

Today 05/01/2015 is the auspicious day of Arudra darshanam- very important day for worship of Lord Shiva. As per the South Indian tradition I was busy preparing the special dish ‘Kalli and kootu’ as the offering for the Lord. Kalli is a sweet dish made with rice, jaggery and coconut whereas kootu is a mixed curry made of 7 types of vegetables. Since morning, puja room was reverberating with the sounds of Rudram chanting (thanks to the Mantra box).


Actually this very day (as per hindu calendar- partial ardra star and partial punarpusam star) and a Monday morning (9th Jan 2012) our dear Baba came home 3 years back. So it was a double occasion to celebrate. I was very happy and recollected last year’s 2nd year celebration when on 9th Jan I had received Prasad from Shirdi. I was wondering if this year also there was any possibility of getting some Prasad. This was just a passing thought and just as I finished the preparation of Prasad; I received a call from an acquaintance that she had been to Shirdi 10 days back and had got Prasad and a shawl blessed by offering at Shirdi and she was wondering whether I would like to have the shawl. OMG!!!!!!!! I was totally lost for words at the kindness and love of my dear Sai. I received the Prasad and shawl with utmost reverence and gratitude to my dearest Lord.


Sai Shiva adorned with the Shirdi blessed shawl 🙂 in the above picture

Again reiterating that He is verily Lord Shiva; our Sai Shiva.

Thank You my dearest Swami.


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