Sri Rudram- Meanings- Anuvaka 3- Mantras 6-10

Mantra  6

नमः सृकाविभ्यो जिघांसद्भ्यो मुष्णतां पतये नमः ।


सृकाविभ्यः-   One who protects himself with equipment,   जिघांसद्भ्यः-   one who desires to harm animals,   मुष्णतां-    those who steal grains in fields etc.,    पतये-    to Parameswara, the lord of,  नमः-  prostration.


One who protects himself with protective gear and desires to harm others can only be the head of thieves. Hence सृकाविभ्यः and जिघांसद्भ्यः are both adjectives to मुष्णतां पतये . As this is Veda, the singular is interpreted as plural.

Mantra  7

नमोसिमद्भ्यो नक्तंचरद्भ्यः प्रकृन्तानां पतये नमः ।


असिमद्भ्यः-    Those who wield sword,     नक्तंचरद्भ्यः-   those who move about in night,   प्रकृन्तानां-   of thieves who kill others and steal their belongings,   पतये-  to Parameswara, the lord of,  नमः-  prostration.


Mantra  8

नम उष्णीषिणे गिरिचराय कुलुञ्चानां पतये नमः ।


उष्णीषिणे-    Those who wear headgear like villagers,   गिरिचराय-   one who moves about in mountains,   कुलुञ्चानां-    of those who rob houses, fields etc.,  पतये-  to Parameswara, the lord of,  नमः-  prostration.


कुलुञ्चानां- Those who rob houses, fields etc. are of two kinds: those who are in villages, wear headgear etc. like villagers and steal houses, fields etc. of the poor; and, those who live in forests etc. and rob houses, fields etc.

Mantra  9

नम इषुमद्भ्यो धन्वाविभ्यश्च वो नमः ।


इषुमद्भ्यः –   To those who have arrows in hand,  धन्वाविभ्यः-  those who have bows in hand,     वः-  to you,    नमः- prostration.


In the 21 mantras starting from ‘Namo Hiranyabaahave’ upto the previous mantra (No.8), it was mentioned that Parameswara is the lord of the entire universe. From this mantra onwards, the Rishi describes him as being in the forms of many objects and pays obeisance to him. This establishes the quality of Parameswara being the soul of all. Many of the forms of Parameswara are terrible too. They are now worshipped with expression of obeisance two times, at the beginning and end of the mantra and addressed directly, using ‘va:’ (to you).

Mantra  10

नम आतन्वानेभ्यः प्रतिदधानेभ्यश्च वो नमः ।


आतन्वानेभ्यः-     To those who string the bow,   प्रतिदधानेभ्यः-  those who string the arrow to the bow,  वः-  to you,    नमः-  prostration.


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