01 Jan 2015

Many people celebrate the New Year Day by cleaning their homes by removing the cobwebs, or decorate it by hanging up festoons and placing leaf or floral garlands. Some wear new dresses and others feast on new types of dishes. For one day, everyone feels fresh and renovated. In this festival of renewal, many of us celebrate outwardly and continue with our old prejudices and tendencies, outworn habits and moth-eaten principles. Should we not attempt to brush the cobwebs from our minds? Should we not get rid of opinions and motives which tarnish and demean? Namasmarana, remembrance of the Name of God, is the spiritual discipline prescribed by scriptures for the present age, Kali Yuga. This involves giving up all habits that interfere with the constant remembrance of God. Let this New Year day be the day to start off with this spiritual sadhana.

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2015

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