Bhaja Govindam- Verse 3

Verse 3:


Drstva Ma Ga Mohavesam


Manasi Vicintaya Varam Varam



Seeing the full bosom of young maidens and their navel, do not fall prey to maddening delusion.  This is but a modification of flesh and fat.  Think well thus in your mind again and again.


  • Beware of Maya. Maya is the power which makes us see something instead of what it really is.
  • Physical beauty is only skin deep. Would you date your favorite actor or actress with the first layer of their skin peeled off?
  • The body is only a modification of flesh. Why are we so obsessed with the physical body? What is it actually made up of? Flesh, bones, marrow, skin, blood, hair, is this what we are attracted to?
  • Indulge intelligently. These desires are natural and Sanatana Dharma has created our ashramas (grahasta) to indulge in the proper way but when this becomes an obsession, this is the cause of sorrow.
  • Sublimate do not suppress. Do not suppress these desires but transcend them. We can do this by developing a higher vision and a nobler goal. Inspired by the Higher, lower urges drop off.

Thoughts as per learning from my Master

Body is just a vehicle which is needed to help human evolve and realise our true self. It is temporary. We were an infant when born then we go through childhood, youth, adult, middle age and then old age. Each day our physical body undergoes change. It is not permanent. Attaching importance to something temporary will just give temporary happiness. To attain real happiness ie bliss one must transcend beyond the body. We must just care enough for the body to cater to our mundane activities but not give undue importance that it deludes us so much that we begin to think it is permanent and letting go or accepting the so called changes in the physical body affects us to such an extent that we are full of grief and agony. Let us develop that knowledge to understand who we really are? That is only permanent and true bliss.



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