Satsang Dec 2014- Intro to Yoga Vasistha

6th Dec 2014, a beautiful Saturday morning at Jodhpur, I was attending the ‘Sagai’ (Engagement) ceremony of a friend’s daughter. As I turned around to look at the people attending, a striking personality just got my eyes. This was a person with a great radiance in his face. I nudged my hubby to check if he knew who that person was? I kept telling him that person looked like an evolved person, he has something about him. He seems like a ‘Jnani’. My husband just glanced to the person’s side and didn’t seem to know him. I was very keen to somehow meet up with him. Soon at the lunch table, we walked up to the table of this elderly couple and joined them for the lunch session. We soon knew that he was Dr. Arun Madhavanji who was a senior member of the Art of Living; an amazing speaker, singer and wonderful human. I was just speechless as I had got the indication 2 days ago on the 4th Dec, Thursday, regarding the great Masters. I have shared it in one of the earlier posts.

The next 2 days were just spent in the blissful satsang with him. On the 7th Dec a bright Sunday morning, we gathered near the poolside to chant Lalita sahasranamam. There were just about 8/9 of us and the vibrations were awesome. Then Arunji and his wife accompanied us to the Osian Jain temple (where he meditated and asked me also to spend some quiet time contemplating “who am I? and why are we here?”) We also visited the famous Saachi Devi temple there. We had a good satsang during the drive back and forth. Arunji spoke about ‘Yoga Vasistha’ (Salient points are stated below), then he shared a beautiful story on ‘Guru Bhakti’

Then it was my turn to share about my experiences with my Master and they enjoyed listening to it. When I was mentioning about miracles that have happened in our life; he said something very beautiful; which Swami Dayananada used to say “Miracles always exist but they are ‘adhrishya’ (not visible to us), but when we are ready and Master’s grace and mercy dawns on us, it becomes ‘adhrustam’ (blessing/miracle) which we can experience and be aware of.”

Yoga Vasistha

When the right time comes, one is blessed to hear about any scripture and a right Master to lead one to their ultimate goal.

Salient points

  1. This scripture teaches us the art of self realization.
  2. For self realisation one must first feel that he/she is bound and search the ways for freedom.
  3. The 4 gatekeepers to freedom are Santhi, (self control/quietness of mind, Vichara- spirit of enquiry, Santosha-contentment and Satsanga (company of the good and holy)
  4. One has to give up or surrender five things, a. Five pranas b. Five senses c. Mind d. Intellect and e. Ego in order to attain self realisation
  5. Qualifications required for Self realisation- Mumuksha- Desire to be free, Virakti- Non attachment, antarmukha- looking inwards, Elimination of bad thoughts and actions, Right conduct-values, preferring Shreyas (good- spiritual enlightenment) to Preyas (material success), control of mind and senses, purification of mind and necessity of a Guru.

This satsang has inspired me to now actually read the ‘Yoga Vasistha’ scripture. As rightly said, when the time is right, one is blessed to hear about the scriptures and prompted to read and work towards one’s spiritual progress.

For me, after meeting Arunji I realised the significance of my dream on the 4th Dec Thursday, how I was indicated by the Masters to follow the spiritual path and the unity in divinity. Arunji also spoke briefly about Swami and how His teaching of WATCH, watch your words, actions, thought, character and thoughts play a significant role in one’s life. He mentioned that Swami has also advised many to read the ‘Yoga Vasishta’. I had never known about this, but soon realised that Swami has Himself explained this very well in ‘Rama Katha Rasa Vahini’ (Ramayana written by Swami). Chapter 16/17 of Sri Sai Satcharita, also mentions about Baba’s divine words on ‘Brahma Gyan’ or Self- Realisation. (Unity in Divinity- Paths may vary but the goal is ultimately the same- Self Realisation)

For Arunji as well, they had different plans for the 7th, but that didn’t work out and he believed there was a higher plan by the Master to accompany us to the temples and share the leelas of our Masters.

Every trip is a learning for me in my spiritual journey. I am full of gratitude to my Master; my dearest Swami for blessing me with such wonderful opportunities.

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