11 Dec 2014

Difficulties come and go like passing clouds. One must not to worry about them. We must keep our vision fixed on the sun. Sometimes, clouds cover the sun. When the clouds move away, the sun will be visible again. In such situations, we should not let our mind waver. We must develop patience. The ‘clouds’ will recede and the ‘sun’ will re-appear in all its brilliance. This is true for both the materialistic world and spiritual world. Once our efforts are done, have faith in the Lord and cling on to it. We must learn to surrender and He will do what is right for us though it may not seem to us right then many a times, but it will be for a later good. Similarly for the spiritual pursuit, the clouds of worldly delusion come in the way of Atmic vision, but that will also disappear soon. Patience and faith are the keys to overcome difficulties.


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