Sai Leela 8

On 4th December 2014, Thursday morning I was in Mumbai enroute to Jodhpur. On the beautiful Thursday morning, I had a dream which I remember vividly. It was a huge congregation and I could see Sri Sri clearly conducting a program on ‘Human Values’. I could see other disciples of his presenting on this topic. Then I saw a huge board with Swami’s picture and title was ‘Education in Human Values’. Then suddenly I am in Brindavan, Whitefield where prayers and bhajans are on with huge pictures of Swami.

I was very happy as I woke up that morning.

We were soon at the Mumbai airport waiting to for the departure of flight to be announced and meanwhile I entered a book shop there. One can really find good and interesting books at a very nominal price in Indian airports. I went around looking for the book ‘Sai Baba is still Alive’ by Jaya Wahi. But ultimately I didn’t find that and ended up buying Sri Sri’s Narada Bhakti Sutra, another book by Sadhguru, Khalil Gibran and as I flipped the pages of Abdul Kalam’s book ” The Righteous Life”, I found Swami’s quote at beginning of the book,  ‘Where there is righteousness in the heart, There is beauty in the character, where there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the Nation, there is peace in the world.’ I immediately picked up that book.

Soon we were in the bus that transported us to the aircraft and bang opposite our bus, I saw another bus coming along with the board ‘SAI 09’. Yet another indication of His presence and finally the aircraft took off from runway -9 with me and my precious collection, soon to be read and assimilated.

What a blessed day it was and I was so grateful to my Lord for taking me on to the path in realising ‘Unity in Divinity’. Little did I know what was in store at Jodhpur the next 3 days.

Jai Sai Ram


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