Sai Leela 7

On 27th November, Thursday there were about 7 of us for the evening prayers. The vibrations were excellent; so what was new? Out of the 7 devotees who attended the sessions, 2 were comparatively new and it was the first time for one of them. They had brought lot of offerings for Baba and the new devotee wanted to sing a bhajan for Baba. I had met this new devotee at Moulmein Sai centre during the Akhand bhajans and we had exchanged our numbers. As she stayed close to our place I asked her to join for the Thursday morning prayers and bhajans. On 27th morning I had sent her a message to come in the morning as she wanted to sing bhajans, as the evening session had only chanting and aarti as per the regular schedule. But she messaged me that she would like to join the evening session.


That evening she came in at about 6.35 pm, by the time which the prayers had almost started. She had got some piping hot Prasad and was soon engrossed in the prayers. The aarti concluded and we decided to have the Prasad and a small satsang after the aarti. Only 3 of them stayed back. As we started talking about Baba’s leelas, I was totally amazed to note that all the 3 were Shirdi devotees but were keen to know more about Swami. The new devotee was a long time Shirdi devotee and had only recently known about Swami. Another devotee had known about Swami for some years, but her journey had also started with Shirdi. The third devotee meanwhile, has been attending the evening sessions only for about 2 years now and particularly attached to shirdi form. I had never spoken to her about Swami nor had she asked me anything about it. I ususally don’t talk about Swami to anyone unless they are interested to know. But that day as she sat down for the satsang, she was very happy and showed keen interest to know more about Swami and was anxious to read my blogs. I then realised the truth in my dad’s words. He (Swami) had chosen this place for showing the unity of both the avatars which I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

As they were getting ready to leave, I remembered that the new devotee had not sung her bhajan, so I just requested her to sing a bhajan and the lyrics of her bhajan were something to this effect

‘Mere ghar ki samne aana Sai; jab bhi khidki kholoon, tera darshan paoon’ (Meaning- Baba, come close or near to my house, so that I can have Your daily darshan). I was curious and asked her since when was she singing this bhajan and she said, around 4 years since she moved to Singapore and I just told her that Baba had really heard her prayers and come very close to her house. (He was installed here at our place in 2012- almost getting to 3 years now and this person stays very close to our home :))

I was very happy and thanked our dear Lord for again giving an opportunity to appreciate and understand Unity in Divinity.

Jai Sai Ram


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