Sri Rudram- Meaning- Anuvaka 2- Mantras 11-13

Mantra  11

नमो भुवन्तये वारिवस्कृतायौषधीनां पतये नमः ।


भुवन्तये-    To one who nourishes the earth, i. e. all inhabitants of earth,   वारिवस्कृताय-   residing in devotees,   ओषधीनां पतये-    to Parameswara, the protector of trees, plants etc.,   नमः-   prostration.


Vaarivaskritaaya-   This can also be interpreted as Bestower of wealth; help in earning wealth; of the form of Vishnu or Varuna whose abode is in water. There are a lot of passages in Puranas in support of the fact that Parameswara resides in the devotees’ bodies:

“यथायोग्निसमावेशान्नायो भवति केवलम् ।

तथैव मम सान्निध्यान्नते केवलमानुषाः ॥”

“शिवस्य परिपूर्णस्य किन्नाम क्रियते नरैः ।

यत्कृतं शिवभक्तानां तच्छिवस्य कृतं भवेत् ॥

अकायो भक्तकायः स्यात् ” etc.

“Just as iron heated red-hot in fire is no longer ordinary iron, my devotees will no longer be ordinary persons in my presence.” The idea is that they should be considered as forms of Siva only. “What is there to be done by men to Siva, who is complete in himself? Whatever is done to devotees of Siva is as good as done to Siva himself. For Siva, who has no body, the devotee’s body is his.”

Mantra  12

नम उच्चैर्घोषायाक्रन्दयते पत्तीनां पतये नमः ।


उच्चैर्घोषाय-  To one who makes loud sound (in war etc.),        आक्रन्दयते-    destroyer of enemies,    पत्तीनां पतये-    To Easwara, who is the lord of soldiers,       नमः-   prostration.


As this mantra says Siva is the lord of soldiers, there may arise a doubt as to whether he would need their help in conquering his enemies. The term ‘Aakrandayate’ serves to dispel this doubt. This means that he is capable of destroying his enemies without the assistance of others. He is also not in need of any weapons for this purpose. The term ‘Uchchairghoshaaya’ conveys that his ‘hunkara’ sound is itself enough for that. For Parameswara, who destroyed Tripuras with a smile, Manmatha by a mere look and Yama with nails, where is the need for weapons?

Mantra  13

नमः कृत्स्नवीताय धावते सत्वनां पतये नमः ।


कृत्स्नवीताय – Pervading in all worlds,  धावते-  One who runs (in order to save devotees),  सत्वनां पतये –    to Parameswara, the lord of the virtuous,   नमः-  prostration.


Siva is hailed as the lord of the virtuous, as he runs in order to save them, like a cow after its calf. The fact that pervading everywhere, he protects all is mentioned in detail in the Grihya of Vaajasaneyis. The mantras there like “नमो रुद्रायाप्सुपदे स्वस्ति मा सम्पारय” meaning: ‘While drowning in water, traveling on foot, going in forest, prostration to Rudra present in those places; may he bestow well being on me’ must be chanted.

The whole of this second Anuvakam is a single mantra; Rishi is Manduka; Chandas is Maha Gayatri; Devata is Sri Rudra.


मुक्तालंकृतसर्वाङ्गमिन्दुगङ्गाधरं हरम् ।

ध्यायेत्कल्पतरोर्मूले समासीनं सहोमया ॥

“One must meditate on Parameswara, wearing pearls on all limbs and crescent and Ganga on the head and seated at the foot of Kalpaka tree along with Umadevi.”

By chanting this mantra a number of times as per rules, destruction of enemies and attracting people and wealth will be attained.


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