04 Dec 2014

One may encounter any number of losses and difficulties in life. We may undergo a lot of suffering. But we should never give up truth, faith and love. Loss, suffering and difficulties are like waves in the ocean of life. They just come and go. But the water of the ocean is permanent. We must develop  faith of ‘water’  ie Divinity. The power of Divine name is unparalleled. There is a beautiful story about the importance of Namasmarana. ( http://saibalsanskaar.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/1123/).  
God’s name is the real diamond. We must keep it safe and secure. Our thoughts are like the passing clouds. Once we seek refuge in the lotus feet of the Lord, we must never give it up. Wherever we go, the divine feet will protect us. If  we install the divine name firmly in our heart, our life will become sanctified. That is devotion (bhakti). That is our power (sakthi).

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