Swami’s 89th birthday celebrations-2014- Sai centres- Singapore

23rd Nov is my most favourite day as it marks the advent of my Divine Master on earth. There were celebrations at many places in Singapore. I was allotted seva duty at the main venue which was at GIIS (Global Indian International School)-Balestier. There were celebrations at Rudra kaliaman temple and Moulmein also. I wanted to do some prayers at home as well. So preparation began with fervour on 22nd eve with Rangoli, and flowers, garlands etc being brought for the altar. 23rd morning we had suprabhatam, ashtotram and aarti at home. IMG_6140IMG_6143Rudram chanting was in the morning at Rudrakaliaman temple and was done with lot of faith and devotion. Many devotees had gathered to chant the Ekadasha Rudram. My husband was blessed to be a part of that function. IMG_6141 I went right on time for the 9 am arati at GIIS. The venue was beautifully done up and many devotees participated there for the veda chanting, bhajans etc in the morning. IMG_6151IMG_6137 As many sevadals were already at GIIS, we left to Moulmein where the arrangements were also very beautiful. My aunt and I were blessed to serve at the book counter as well as sing a bhajan in the afternoon. I consider this as the greatest blessing as I have never sung in that Divine abode and getting an opportunity to do so for the birthday was really His love and grace. IMG_6157 Evening session at GIIS, we were blessed to chant Lalita Sahasranama and enjoyed the fantastic performance by the SSE students followed by the lion dance. This was followed by enthralling bhajan sessions, cake cutting, aarti and jhoola songs.IMG_6175IMG_6216 IMG_6132 Thus the beautiful 89th birthday session of Bhagavan came to a close. It was truly an amazing Sai filled day. I was glad that my daughter could attend the youth session on the 22nd Nov at Manhattan, NYC. She sent me the picture of the small goodie bag she received as prasadam and the message in Swami’s picture was apt for her and for all of us as well. IMG_6161When you please God and become dear to Him, the entire world will become yours.” Baba

What a beautiful message and we chase and try to please people instead of God. Let us begin to follow at least some of His messages as our birthday gift to Him. Thank You very much dear Lord for all our family members including my dad (of course he is right in the place of action 🙂 the abode of peace-Prasanthi Nilayam) were blessed to be part of our Master’s 89th birthday celebrations. JSR   IMG_6147


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