Tapovanam- Sri Sathya Sai Satcharitra-Significance and Benefits of the Parayan


Parayanam of this Satcharitra will earn the grace of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and also bring about a noticeable elevation in our inner being. That would be the fruit of this spiritual effort. The ritual and disciplined process of reading this book induces in us a glimpse of the inner self and contemplation of the self, which eventually leads to self realisation. Simultaneously we should consciously make up our mind to discard our evil qualities and at the same time to add one or two good traits to whatever little stock we already possess. Service to the needy, sacrifice, compassion, patience, love, honesty and sincerity—these are the qualities that deserve to be inculcated assiduously. That indeed is the worthy offering we could place at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan. Our aim should be to reach a stage when we can unreservedly surrender ourselves to Baba. That is the final culmination of human life, the spiritual goal and the ultimate fulfillment. Nothing else excels it; it is the very essence of all the exhortations of the Vedas and Upanishads.


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