Swami and Ayyappan

Just yesterday one of my aunts sent me the ‘Harivarasanam’ (very famous devotional song on Lord Ayyappa) video clipping as it is the ‘Mandala Kaalam’ (pilgrim season for visiting Sabarimala-hills of Sabari where there is a beautiful temple of Lord Ayyappa).

This beautiful song brought back my childhood memories when we used to celebrate Ayyappa puja in our colony in Mumbai and all these songs would just transport Sabarimala to our colony. So what is here about Swami. We as Balvikas students got to offer bhajans and prayers during these pujas. We used to look forward for singing during these sessions. Around this period, Swami once came in my mother’s dream and gave her the lyrics for an Ayyappa Bhajan. As she was mesmerised by Swami, He just told her to get up in the middle of the night and note down the lyrics.

They were

Ayyappa Sharanam Ayyappa x3

Mohinisuthane Sharanam Ponayyappa

Pampa vaasa Sharanam Ponayyappa

Sri Manikanta Sharanam Ponayyappa

Prashanti vaasa Sharanam Ponayyappa

When mother asked Him, what tune to give for it. He said use the tune of ‘Vittala Hari Vittala’

Thus a beautiful Ayyappa bhajan was composed by our dear Lord and it is being rendered beautifully in many bhajan sessions.




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