23 Oct 2014

One must express our gratitude to God by chanting His Name from the depth of our hearts; not as a mere musical performance. The demonic King, Ravana, constantly repeated the Shiva mantra, Namah Shivaaya without giving up any of his demonic qualities. The young boy Prahlada, repeated the mantra, Om Namo Narayana with all his heart and soul. This served to save him from all the terrible ordeals his evil father, Hiranyakashipu, subjected him to. His father cast him from a precipice, had him trodden by several elephants, got him bitten by venomous reptiles and pushed him into the sea, yet Prahlada emerged unscathed from all these ordeals. Every instrument of torture turned into a blessing for young Prahlada! Hence we must chant the Name of the Lord from the bottom of our heart, with pleasing Him as the only goal. In this process, we must become one with the Divine. One must never sing, pray or chant to earn the approbation of others or for show.


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