Rudrabhishekam 2014


By the immense grace of Lord Sai, the yearly Rudrabhishekam took place at our home (rather Swami’s home) on the 18th Oct 2014. It was such a divine experience as always. By His grace this was the 6th year of this event at our place.

The chanting of Ekadasha Rudram followed by Chamakam, Suktams, Trishadi, bhajans, Sai ashtotrams etc raises the Divine vibrations and all those blessed to be a part of it experience His amazing grace and blessings. Importance of Sri Rudram is shared in the blog.


Yes, without His grace and blessings and WILL nothing happens. So I owe my first thanks and gratitude to my Master ie my beloved Swami. Next heartfelt thanks to my sisters and brothers who tirelessly helped out to make this function happen. It was an amazing team work. The way the love of Swami was flowing through them was so beautiful. Some managed the Kitchen, others the puja area, some taking care of the devotees, some packing vibhuti and fruits, and brothers arranging the whole event.


Some devotees came specifically to mention about the efficient team work and coordination; hence I owe my thanks to all those sisters and brothers who did this Seva for the Lord. May Swami shower His choicest grace on all of them.




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