16 Oct 2014

A person with gratitude is meritorious and an ungrateful person is a sinner. Throughout our life, we must never forget even a small help that someone has rendered to us. Remember that we are who we are because someone helped us in some way in the past. The word Paropakara (helping others) is a combination of three terms – Para + Upa + Kara. Para = Atma; Upa = Near and Kara = action. The objective of our meritorious deeds must be to progress nearer to God. The same Divine (Atma) is present in us and everyone. One must not perform noble deeds with the feeling that we are doing charity. Real Paropakara is to act with faith and do meritorious acts to serve the Divine in others, without entertaining feelings of division and difference

Gratitude always brings grace in abundance


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