Universality of Sri Rudram

It is indeed heartening to know how Sri Rudram is gaining importance throughout the globe irrespective of caste, creed, gender and nativity. In Western countries, there is the European Veda Union (http://www.vedaunion.org/about/) and many other countries like Russia, Japan, US are also deriving great benefits of chanting this powerful veda mantras.

Rudram 1

Recently on 2nd Oct, 2014 for Mahatma Gandhiji’s 145th anniversary, the Erhard boys chanted the Rudram in the White house so flawlessly and it was indeed an eye opener for many.

I take this opportunity to share some of links where we can see, listen and understand the universality of Sri Rudram and other veda mantras.

Rudram 2

1. The chanting of Rudram in White house by the Erhard brothers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7kbc0oFQGQ (Many of you would have seen this clipping as it has been floating very much on the fb)

2. The inspiration and revelation of the Universality of Veda chanting by Bhagavan (American boys chanting Sri Suktam in the Divine Presence)


3. For those interested in learning Sri Rudram online, the below is a wonderful source to learn.


Rudram 3

4. Importance of Sri Rudram


By His grace will soon start posting the meanings of each anuvaka of Rudram and Chamakam in this blog.

Those interested to know more about the Erhard brothers learning of Vedas can visit the following links, The brothers studied in Swami’s school and were part of the Vedam group.

http://www.radiosai.org/program/PlayNow.php (Interview of the brothers in Aug 2012 with Radio Sai- Fleeting moments lasting memories)

http://sandsaroundinfinity.com/video-and-audio/ (Sai Ram Sai Ram mere Sai Ram beautifully rendered)

5. Relevance to other religions

Another aspect of the inner significance of Sri Rudram and the universality ie relevance of rudram to all the religions is beautifully explained by Bro Sekhar Bodupalli in his talk at Brindavan Ashram in Mar 2015 during the Atirudram. Please take time to watch



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